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Water Damage Restoration In Tampa? 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Restoration Contractor


Water Damage Restoration In Tampa?

10 Questions You Should Ask Before

Hiring A Restoration Contractor


At RestoreALL we are dedicated to helping our Tampa community. We hope this guide of 10 questions to ask before hiring a water damage restoration contractor in Tampa will be useful to all who are seeking help in their time of need.

We hope you will consider RestoreALL should you ever need disaster restoration services for water, mold, fire or smoke damage but even if you decide to hire someone else please take the time to bookmark this page for future reference. It will come in handy when interviewing potential contractors for your disaster restoration project.


1. Are you licensed?
Not all states require contractors to be licensed but Florida does. If you want to know whether the person who is going to perform water damage, mold remediation, fire restoration or smoke restoration for you is a licensed general contractor then you can visit this site or the licensing agency for Florida contractors at this site to find out.
The reason licensing is important for you, the home owner, is if the person you hire is not licensed and in the process of working on your home damages it further there will be little recourse should the contractor skip town. However, if the contractor is licensed then you will be prepared when it comes to bringing this matter to court.


2. Do you have insurance in case something in my home gets broken during the restoration?
No water damage restoration company enters your home for the purpose of tearing down a load-bearing wall or a breaking into the water main but accidents do happen. If one does you want the financial responsibility to fall on the contractor to repair the damage, not you.


3. How will you communicate with me?
Ask the contractor if you will be provided with routine updates and in what form? Email, phone? You want to be sure the proper attention is given to your water damage restoration project and open, routine communication is a key component of this.


4. Are you local, franchised or family owned?
Studies have shown that locally owned businesses create more revenue and benefits for the local economy than national franchises. By the way, RestoreALL is family owned. We live and work right here with you.


5. Can I get that in writing?
In your contract you want to be sure the details of your water damage restoration project are hammered out thoroughly. What date will the work start? How long will the work take? What permits will need to be pulled? Merely talking about the project with the contractor is no guarantee the work will be done according to expectations and within the agreed upon time frame. Get it in writing.


6. What guarantees can you give me?
Two things a contractor can guarantee is the materials he uses will not be defective and neither will the workmanship provided. Your guarantee should state what the contractor guarantees and for how long. Guarantees are the tried and true method of making sure you will be happy.


7. Can you give me a timeline?
Of course there will be water damage restoration projects where a wall is taken down or a structure put up and an unexpected problem arises that requires extra work, materials and time to remedy. Hiring an experienced water damage restoration contractor in Tampa will go a long way in the prevention of unexpected costs and time delays, though they do happen so do you know what your next question should be?


8. How long have you been specializing in water damage restoration in Tampa?
Years of experience does not always equal great work & service but a water damage restoration contractor in Tampa should have a record of proven results. Surf the internet for reviews about the contractor. The Better Business Bureau’s business reviews are free to access and are a good gauge of the contractor’s standing with past customers.


9. What is your reputation in the community?
Finding out if the contractor is licensed is a good start as are reviews but the meat of the matter is found out by asking if his employees are legal and if they are provided with worker’s compensation, property damage and liability insurance. Membership in a reputable association such as Contractor Connection is another good indication of good business practices. Another approach is to see if the contractor has ever had legal action taken against him and what the ruling was.


10. Who will be at my home and how will it be supervised.
It is critical during the early stages of the interview to ask the contractor about site supervision and subcontractors. How often will the contractor be by to check on progress? Who will be the project manager? Who should you contact should you discover things are not going as expected? How often will you be updated on progress and by whom?


Still have questions or concerns about what contractor you should hire for your water damage restoration needs? Check out this video from the Today show for more information or call us anytime for a free, no obligation consultation. We would be happy to help.

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