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Top 10 Places Mold Will Most Likely Grow In Your Home

Top 10 Places Mold Will Most Likely Grow In Your Home

Mold that can be easily viewed is much easier to detect but concealed mold can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Here is a list of the top ten most likely places mold will grow in your home.

window1. Around windows
Often moisture condenses around windows due to the temperature difference inside verses outside. This moisture can be a breeding ground for mold.


leakypipe2. Leaking or condensing pipes
Faulty plumbing and condensation from pipes are one of the biggest causes of mold growth in residential and commerical properties.


basement3. Basement or crawlspace
Anywhere moisture is an issue mold has potential for growth. All it needs to flourish is an organic surface which can be anything from a painted wall to wallpaper to wood, carpet or vinyl.


bathroom4. Bathroom
In or near the shower or tub area and especially the bathroom tile.


plug5. Appliances
Inside of washing machines and on your refridgerator’s gasket or water dispenser pan are good places to check for mold growth.


wallpaper6. Backside of drywall & wallpaper
This one is not going to be easy to detect without pulling out a piece of drywall or wallpaper. This should be done by a professional since investigating involves disturbing the site of the mold growth, which can cause a massive release of mold spores. If you know there has been water damage and your home smells moldy and/or people in your home are experiencing health problems then you should hire a professional to inspect for mold.


tiles7. Top side of ceiling tiles
Because of roof leaks or sparse insulation in the attic the top side of ceiling tiles can often obscure mold growths and make them hard to detect. If mold growth is suspected consider hiring a professional to inspect for mold.


duct-work8. Inside ductwork
Once again moisture caused by condensation can spur mold growth. AC ducts should be cleaned on a regular basis and if mold is suspected then the ducts need to be inspected by a professional.


carpet9. Under carpets and/or padding
If your home has suffered any significant water damage or been exposed to high moisture then mold can take root and grow anywhere there is an organic surface. The underside of carpets and padding offer mold a great place to take root and grow since moisture can stay trapped even while air within the home has a normal moisture content.


attic10. In the attic
Roof leaks, faulty piping, solar panels for heating pool water, etc. have all been known to create enough moisture for mold to grow in residential attics.


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