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Tampa Fire Damage Repair


Tampa Fire Damage Repair


Tampa Fire Damage Repair & Restoration ServicesExperiencing fire damage can be emotionally and physically draining as well as sometimes devastating. Where water damage typically affects the areas from the baseboards down; fire damage can affect everything. Our Tampa fire damage team works quickly to minimize the damage and provide any help we can. From emergency services, to safeguarding your possessions, to guaranteeing the workmanship of our tradesman, we do our best. After all, the last thing a customer needs is more unnecessary stress following a fire.

RestoreAll’s Tampa Fire Damage Repair Team assists you in getting your life back to normal quickly. Our Tampa Fire Damage Team will assess your home, and quickly give you with an estimate so that your home will be back to it’s original state before you know it. The Fire Damage Team makes a thorough assessment of the damage. You might conduct your own fire damage assessment and believe that the damage caused by the fire will result in a total loss. However, our skilled Tampa Fire Damage Team will help repair fire damage and restore your home or commercial building including possessions, to their initial condition.

Our Tampa fire damage service team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week servicing the Tampa and Tampa Bay areas. Our Tampa office has the capability of servicing all your fire damage needs

Our Tampa fire damage team pays special attention to items known to be most susceptible to fire damage. Then, if on-site cleaning is to be done, we carefully clean and box items to be stored. Labels are placed on all boxes with a brief description of contents and to which room they belong. For large jobs that require a complete pack out of contents and furniture, our professional team carefully inventories both discardable and salvageable contents. Items that cannot be saved are listed, so adjusters and owners know exactly what they are to be reimbursed for and know what items we have in our possession. After reconstruction is complete, we deliver your belongings back to you and assist with unpacking if desired.

Our services include:
• Fire Emergency board up service, emergency structural cleaning, deodorization, complete content cleaning and storage, dry cleaning, furniture repair/refinishing, electronic cleaning with evaluations and skilled demolition.
• Complete computerized estimates and scope of work. Provide complete reconstruction services of the structure from walls to wall coverings and drywall to flooring.
• Coordinating the whole job, so there is a rapid recovery from the initial board up to the hanging of the last picture in place again.

We also back up our work with a 3 year satisfaction warranty.
Please visit our Reconstruction and Fire Damage pages to learn about some of our other services or visit our About Us or Our Services pages to learn more about RestoreALL. Feel free to Contact us 24 hours a day.

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